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S.F.S Concrete & Construction

From Your Back Yard to Your Dinner Table

All Your Exterior & Interior Needs from

Old Construction, New Construction, & Preventative Maintence

A Division of Sexton Farms & Services L.L.C.

About Us

S.F.S Concrete & Construction is a family owned and operated business servicing Minnesota, our goal is to provide quality Concrete & Construction services for clients in Minnesota or the construction industry at fair prices. We service all the Northern, Metro and Southern areas of Minnesota. With over 25 years of experience, Based in Cannon Falls, we do both Residential and Commercial Work, the modern techniques and equipment we utilize help to continually expand our knowledge and expertise. We continue the tradition of providing new and past clientele with great service, quality, and schedules that meet or exceed the diverse and varying requirements of our client's expectations.

We specialize in interior & exterior work from new construction, refurbishment of existing, Decorative Concrete, Structural, Landscaping, and Preventative Maintenance. We do all home renovations. Because of our dedication we offer excellent customer satisfaction, Highest Quality work for your exterior and interior home needs. Since all our trades are in-house and less business overhead, we can offer the lowest rates with greater control and never compromising our commitment to quality and service.

Concrete is strong, durable, versatile and affordable–ideal for nearly any kind of exterior surface.

Need a repair? If you’re concerned about crumbling, cracked, or stained concrete, we can help! We’ll provide you with an objective assessment of the situation and our professional recommendations for repair or replacement. Our versatility means you can trust us with virtually any project. Our commitment to your satisfaction means you’ll get the result you’re looking for. Enjoy great service, exceptional quality, and outstanding results.

If a concrete project is on your to-do list, consult the professionals at S.F.S. for Exceptional Work No matter the size, complexity or location of your next project, S.F.S Concrete & Construction can provide you with personalized service, reliability, and quality construction & design. We invite you to contact us with any requests or questions you may have. S.F.S Concrete & Construction looks forward to serving you. 

*Decorative Concrete *color & Stamped *Counter Tops *Driveways *Basement Floors *Garage Floors *Aprons *Sidewalks *Stoops *Under Pins *Structural *Walls *Foundations *Footings *Block *Repair *Preventative Maintenance *Asphalt *Asphalt Patches *Asphalt Aprons *Snow Removal *General Construction & Remodeling